Minty Fresh Randal

Eco-Friendly Cleaning and Organizing Services in Southern California

Greener Car Interior Detailing

Car detailing is a great gift, but what about "that chemical smell" left behind to remind you of a new car? I offer complete attention without harsh vinyl treatments. I use all organic cleaners and leave a mild minty scent.

Trash removal, interior vacuum & scrub $100
House and Lifestyle Organizing

We consult together to find closet organizers and 'feng shui' solutions to streamline your lifestyle. I sort items into categories and tag stuff for possible dispatch. I dust and wipe along the way. We talk about more eco-conscious living, and step-savers.

$35 per hour, Min 3 hours, Max $200 for a 7-hour day.
Recurrent Cleaning

Weekly, monthly, or as-needed. Vacuum & dust, wipe & scrub, dishes, recycling, clutter-sorting. Cleaning the trash bins, talking to the cats, polishing the stove, changing the sheets. Making sure it doesn't look like students live here.

$25 per hour, Min 4 hours. Deals for multiple locations.